Let the tours begin. We are starting our tours in Machu Picchu Peru. A two week photography tour of one of the 7th Wonders of the World.  Cheers


I wish great cheer and joy be bestowed upon you and yours during this upcoming New Year.

As I sit here with little to do, I ponder the upcoming year with a taste for the unusual. Embarking upon a career coming full circle, I know this year will be one to remember.

The determination and fervor rings loudly in my ears. The tone of anticipation is to share this vision with the world.

As the motivation seeks a place to call home, the camera gives me refuge. Behind the lens I am at peace with the vision that speaks loudly to those that partake. Sharing these images puts one’s mind on display for the masses to see.

Take these visions and share the importance of all people to have a voice, hope, and well being for the New Year ahead.

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Cheers & a Happy New Year with lots of good reading.

Are you one of those photographers that shoot 300 – 400 pictures every assignment? And would you say about less than 10 -20  are good enough to show without a bit of work, but you still inundate your client with 100’s of  photos to go through? Well your not alone. There is a good book called The Paradox of Choice which explains this dilemma.

I don’t know about you but I would rather spend more time really scoping out the very best shot and  paying attention to the detail of the shot before I click. The more purpose you have looking through the lens the better your photos will look. I talk to my clients as I am looking through the camera waiting for that great expression. Seeking more time to build rapport as I work shows in the outcome.

Think of it this way if you shoot 50 really good well composed shots the photos you have to process back in the studio will need less work. That leave 250 -350 less photos to look through and process. Out of these 50 I will have a few great shots to offer my client and their choices become much easier. It has been proven with many studies that the more choices you give the client the harder it is for them to choose.

Slow Photography… set the tone by being aware of your surroundings and learning to be very deliberate in when you click the shutter.

Simplicity, the less is more approach. As I look through the lens I envision hanging what I see on a wall with a frame. Is this worth wall space? Does it invoke a feeling as I look at the object? Becoming a better photographer is about telling a story. The photo is a vehicle for the subject that creates the feelings.
Clarity of your vision and the ability of this vision to be caught with the lens of your camera is what matters. If you love something let that passion become the driving force behind your photography story.

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